ACB installed 1st Robot

robotACB implemented the robot flashcutter either called "Robocut" to eliminate handling between ML pressing and drilling department. This full automatic 6-ax Kuka robot is the 1st prototype build by the company ASS Luipold. The robot was delivered after the summer holidays and has now successfully passed all the qualification and start-up trials. 


ACB installed 1st Robot

ACB is proud to announce the implementation of the robot flashcutter - "Robocut" which eliminates handling between ML pressing and our drilling department. The fully automatic 6-axis Kuka robot was realized by the company ASS Luipold together with ACB in order to define the technical capabilities, implement and qualify the machine.

The "Robocut" is the very 1st prototype in our market and enables improvements in terms of quality and throughput. The machine is fully automatic and does several operations in 1 cycle:
- cutting excess resin from the edges of the pressed panel
- deburring of the tooling holes
- bevelling of the panel edges

The robot has a throughput of 1200 burr-free panels every 24 hours and releases 2 operators which we can move to other departments. In terms of quality, the "Robocut" enables important improvements such as: overall better handling, prevention of particle inclusions in the plating processes and improved dry film lamination quality. The robot was delivered after the summer holidays and has now successfully passed all the qualification and start-up trials.

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