Products & capabilities

Type of PCB’s: Rigid, Flex-Rigid, Flex.

Max. Number of layers: 50.

Materials: FR4, FR4 High Tg, FR4 Low CTE, Polyimide-flex, Polyimide-glass, CIC, High Performance Materials, High Speed Materials, Halogen Free Materials, Copper & Aluminium Heatsinks.

Advanced technologies: LED Direct Imaging, Laser Drilling, Automatic Optical Inspection

Specialization: Cu filled & stacked Microvia, Multiple pressings, Flex-Rigid, Lead & Halogeen-free PCB’s, Resin plugged vias, Thermal and CTE management.

Final inspection: 100% Electrical probe-tested, COC, Cross-section and Impedance Measurements, MIL-spec Reliability tests and Lifetime Simulations, FAI-Reporting, IPC class 3 inspection.

4 l cu fill stacked

20 l fr

18 l hdi

cte control 4l cic

hdi 25

cu fill hdi

18l with 4 levels cu fill

5l HDI 3l cu fill

back drilling

hdi thermal management

HDI 10 l 4+1+4

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