ACB installed a new automatic Ni Au line

ACB continues to invest. We are happy to announce that we have installed a new automatic Ni Au line. This will allow us not only to maintain our high surface finish quality , but it also provides us with a more environmentally and operator-friendly way of manufacturing.



We continue to use Umicore's Nimuden NPR4 Ni and Gobright TAM 55 Au baths . We have been using this process for many years now and continue to have excellent results. Although we haven’t changed our process, we decided to do a full qualification again which we will be completing in the near future.     

We intend to gradually start using this new line over the coming weeks. As we are changing only our equipment and not our process, a product qualification should not be necessary. Should you require any additional testing or information, please don't hesitate to contact us. We want to do this transition with respect for and in compliance with all your internal procedures.

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