Newsletter January 2009

Ongoing Investments strenghthen the ACB group for the future

Dendermonde : DES - Development - Etch & Strip is a mainstay of Pcb HDI fabrication. Our new 26 meter Schmid line was commissioned in record time by our engineering team.

Malville : The new fully automatic Burkle lamination system increases capacity and reduces cycle time for HDI Pcb’s.


Newsletter July 2009

Malville opens its doors for UK & Europe

The recent successful visit of BAE Systems Rochester in May 2009 to our Malville factory in France is part of the ACB Group strategy to offer a broader mix of solutions to its customers as part of increasing the ACB Group business around the UK & Europe.


Newsletter August 2009

ACB qualifies and releases CU-fill process

Our new Cu fill production line, fully qualified and released in 2008, has a proven capacity to cope with extremely short lead times and medium volume batch sizes.


Newsletter April 2010

ACB is adding ISO 14001 certification to it’s array of approvals

In the land of chocolate and beer local environmental legislation is paramount, therefore industrial waste must be controlled to the highest standards. ACB meets the very strict local requirements and is at the forefront of Green Industrial Care.


Newsletter December 2010

ACB's HDI PCB Design Rules Classification

At ACB we are proud to launch a new version of our Design Rule Classification Table. Initiated 15 years ago, as an answer to a lack of similar design guidelines on the market, ACB’s Design Rule Table is now recognized by designers and pcb manufacturers alike as a very easy to use and well set up tool. This table is part of ACB’s in depth DFM analysis. Using it will help you to improve design quality, avoid manufacturing problems and reduce risk. It is valid also for High Density Interconnect (HDi) pcbs.


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