Newsletter December 2013

A new paradigm in soldermask exposure

ACB leads the field with LED-based Direct Imaging 

ACB is Europe's leading manufacturer of quick-turn and high-reliability prototype and small series PCBs.

Typically an early adopter of new and enabling technologies, the company recently took delivery of a top-of-the-range LED-based Direct Imaging (DI) system from Ucamco.

Manufactured by Dainippon Screen, Ledia 5 is the PCB industry's fastest DI system, and the only one capable of processing standard soldermask: unique capabilities that, together with ACB's trust in its suppliers, were key to the company's latest investment decision.

Working alongside ACB's existing Laser DI system, Ledia 5 handles all ACB's soldermask processing and provides added capacity for dry film exposure.

With it, ACB is more flexible and has improved its product quality, yields and capabilities while offering shorter leadtimes for its quick-turn business.

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