Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer in France

Europe’s fastest PCB manufacturing and delivery times

Expert in the manufacture of printed circuits, our factory in Malville in France is able to quickly provide you with a prototype and electronic cards in low volume. Our factory has different production lines that allow us to manufacture your PCBs in the right conditions according to your needs in a very short time.

The time depends on the technology and the quantity of printed circuit boards.

Innovative technologies for high quality production

The Malville plant is certified ISO9001& AS / EN9100, IPC class 2/3, UL. We regularly invest in our equipment and production lines for the Malville plant. In partnership with our clients and research centers, we also carry out R & D projects for the printed circuits of tomorrow and today.

All this to ensure you a quality that meets your expectations. ACB is regularly consulted for the manufacture of printed circuits in the aerospace, defense, space, industry, the medical. We do not have the right to make mistakes.

A technical service and a high-end support

ACB is more than 200 employees in Europe, 11 000m² of production site, including 1 500m² of white room.

We have a dedicated technical service to answer your questions and assist you in the design, design, manufacture and delivery of your printed circuits in France or Europe. Our engineers are qualified, regularly trained and manage only a small number of customers in order to maintain a high level of vigilance on your PCBs.

The quality of our relationship and your printed circuit boards is our priority.

A wide range of possibilities for your printed circuit boards

True to its motto “… Looking to the future, down to earth …” we are able to respond to the needs and requirements of our customers with a wide range of French printed circuits : Rigid, Rigid Flex, Flex. HDI or not . Here is the list of materials that we prioritize: FR4, FR4 High Tg, Low CTE FR4, Polyimide-flex, Polyimide-glass, CIC, High Performance Materials, Hyperfrequency Materials, Halogen Free Materials, Copper and Aluminum Drains.


Together we will find the best solution for your project.


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Introducing ACB


ACB is the European leader, recognized by its peers for the achievement of high quality electronic circuits and high reliability in short deadlines . Pioneer on small series and medium technological series, ACB guarantees you a perfect quality. Our technological approach and our reputation have allowed us to position ourselves as a technological leader in France as well.

Specialist for harsh environments and an expert in flex, rigid flex, rigid multilayer printed circuit boards, you can trust us for your PCB needs. Every day, we are determined to further improve the design of your PCBs in order to further improve their products and provide them at the best possible time.

We make your satisfaction our priority, our engineers will be happy to assist you in the realization of your needs for prototype design and PCB manufacturing. Contact us.