Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer in Belgium

Short notice and overnight delivery

ACB is recognized as the leading PCB manufacturer in Europe for manufacturing and delivery times. The quantity and technology used for printed circuits are factors that affect the manufacturing time. This delay is estimated between 1 and 15 days and should be reduced thanks to our future investment program.

We are able to manufacture circuit boards in the afternoon for a reception the next day on printed circuits requiring technology in the standards.

The best quality in Europe is born in Belgium

Concerned about the quality of our customer relationship and your printed circuits, we regularly invest in our machines, in R & D programs and implement reliability tests to guarantee our customers the proper functioning of our manufacturing tools and ensure the final quality of the products.


Also, quality tests are performed on our printed circuits such as visual inspection, unitary mobile probe electrical test, controlled impedance (Polar software), micro section report and first article, and quality control according to the CPI (class 2 and 3). ACB is ISO9001 & AS / EN9100 certified, Nadcap, In process: ISO14001, IPC class 2/3, UL and is also ESA approved for space.

A high-end accompaniment

ACB accompanies you throughout your project of realization of printed circuits. We advise and guide you to best meet your specifications (quality, cost, delivery time, reliability, …).

Our team of FAO technicians and engineers will answer your questions and guide you to the best possible technological options to obtain first, a prototype, and after validation, the launch of the production of high-tech printed circuits.

In order to answer your constraints, a personalized logistic support is also proposed to you: stock of security, multi-site delivery, mode of delivery, …

A variety of PCBs made in Belgium

Today, ACB is a leader in the manufacture of flex, flex-rigid and rigid multilayer printed circuits. We use the best materials on the market to obtain unrivaled quality in the European PCB market: FR4, FR4 High Tg, Low CTE FR4, Polyimide-flex, Polyimide-glass, CIC, High Performance Materials, Microwave Materials, Halogen Free Materials, Copper and Aluminum Drains.

In addition to our leading position in the PCB market and their qualities, we are also specialized in multi-pressing, standard laser μvia, copper-filled μvia and high-density technologies.

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A local Belgian factory

Located in Dondermonde in the north of Belgium, the company ACB is a professional firm in the manufacture and realization of high and very high technical electronic circuits.

We are the European leaders in the manufacture of high quality PCBs in small series. After long research and development studies we have mastered several technological advances such as rigid multilayer, Flex, or rigid Flex.

We guarantee the best qualities and reliability in the creation of your electronic circuits. As a major player in naval aviation, defense and industry, we have no right to make any mistakes. Concerned about your satisfaction, we want to accompany you in the long term, choose to contact our engineers, we will be happy to answer your questions.