eye_logo Con el propósito de asegurar la competitividad de la compañía a largo plazo, el grupo ACB será un participante activo en su consolidación de mercado a la vez que mantendrá su crecimiento orgánico gracias a una ambiciosa inversión, innovación y atracción de nuevos y talentosos trabajadores.

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ACB installed 1st Robot

robotACB implemented the robot flashcutter either called "Robocut" to eliminate handling between ML pressing and drilling department. This full automatic 6-ax Kuka robot is the 1st prototype build by the company ASS Luipold. The robot was delivered after the summer holidays and has now successfully passed all the qualification and start-up trials. 

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ACB introduces new soldermask process

soldermaskACB installed in August 2011 an all4-PCB spraycoater and qualified Taiyo soldermask PSR-4000 GP01EU.
 We want to offer our customers :
- the best available coating process
- combined with a state of the art product
to fulfill current and future needs.

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ACB introduces 2nd generation of Copperfill

cu-fill-hdiµVia Cu Fill was an existing process to fill small holes in industrial applications (e.g. mobile phones ). The challenge was to develop a process capable to fill geometries used in the high reliability market. Another challenge was to improve the µVia Cu Fill process to have an average dimple = 0 and to be design independent.    

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ACB installed a new automatic Ni Au line


We are happy to announce that we have installed a new automatic Ni Au line. This will allow us not only to maintain our high surface finish quality, but it also provides us with a more environmentally and operator-friendly way of manufacturing.

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