ACB produces a wide range of high technology printed circuit boards ranging from double sided to multilayer constructions, from single to multiple press-cycles. We are specialised in the production of rigid, flex rigid and flexible builds that meet the highest demands in terms of quality and reliability required in the industry.

Examples of our products :

5 layers µvia with 3 layers
Cu filled and stacked
5l hdi 3l cu fill

18 layer HDI : 3 + 12 + 3

18l hdi

CTE Control: 4 layers 
Cu Invar Cu in blind runs
cte control 4l cic

20 layer Flex Rigid
with 18 flex layers
20l fr

8 Layer with 4 levels stacked
Cu filled 75 µm µvia18l qith 4levels cu fill

HDI with thermal 
management 2 x 210 µm Cu
hdi thermal man

HDI : 2,5 + 12 + 2,5 with
buried µvias in 0.1 mm coreshdi 25

Back drilling

back drlling

4 layers Cu filled and 
stacked µvia 
4l cu fill stacked

2nd generation Cu filled µvia technology           

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