Lead times

ACB has been able to maintain its long-established reputation as the quickest supplier for high-technology PCBs and continues to do so thanks to our investment programme in modern equipment and the continuous improvement of our technical capabilities. Our lead times depend on the PCB technology and quantity required. Quick Turn Around lead times will typically range from 1 working day to 10 working days, depending on the individual order. For example, you can expect

1wd + for a DS pth

2wd + for non HDI multilayer & flex

3wd + for HDI multilayer & flex with up to 2 press cycles

5wd + for HDI multilayer, flex and flex/rigid with up to 2/3 press cycles

7wd to 15wd QTA will cover most requirements for up to 4/5 press cycles in all types of rigid PCB, flex & flex/rigid constructions

Standard non-premium delivery times depend on the PCB technology and quantity required and can vary depending on the available capacity. 

Through ongoing investment in ERP and Real Time Production Control systems and the use of both off-the-shelf and in-house designed solutions we not only maintain but also aim to further improve our reliability and consistency in providing you with suitably short lead times.

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