Press release 07/03/2012

New ownership of the ACB Group

 On the 7th of March the ACB group announced officially the takeover of the ACB group by 2 French industrials, Mr Gilles Rigon and Mr. Humbert de Sallmard.


Both gentleman have an industrial background in the electronic industry and were introduced to the employees on the 7th of March.
Gilles Rigon (CEO) and Humbert de Sallmard (CFO), supported by the French Private Equity funds ARKEA Capital Investissement and EUREFI, have acquired 100% of Belgian Group ACB NV totaling 25 M€ of sales (circa 130 people in Dendermonde - Belgium; circa 65 people in Malville - France).

The Company designs and produces printed circuit boards for the electronic industry. This acquisition was achieved with the Company’s management full support. Gilles Rigon and Humbert de Sallmard were previously senior executives and shareholders who contributed to the creation and development of a world-class French electronic group. Prior to that, they have occupied several functions, for one in the technical field and for the other in the financial field in mediumsized companies.

This acquisition was made with the goal to strengthen the positioning of ACB group in the PCB European market serving the electronic industry:

European Market

high tech / high mix / low volume / quick turn around

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