Newsletter November 2008

Capacity Ramp Up of “Via Copper Filling”

To meet market demand ACB is putting the final touches to its new vertical Via Copper Filling line (VCF). The new line will have the biggest process capacity of its type in Europe and is the culmination of 3 years of Research & Development by the ACB Engineers. Capacity is important to ACB to be able to support our customer’s with “time-to-market” short lead-times. 




Newsletter March 2008

ACB participates in European development project (Smart-High-Integrated-Flex-Technology)

ACB is pleased to announce its participation in the "SHIFT" Pan European and European Commission co-funded Research project for Smart-High-Integrated-Flex-Technology as a cooperation between European research institutes and companies that produce or use Flex circuit technologies. Started in January 2004 and completed in 2008 with a budgetof €11.5 Meuro (funded by EC + Swiss)



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