TO & investments

At ACB we offer our customers the newest and most advanced technologies in the PCB industry. However, we also always keep an eye out for future developments and innovations. Continuous investment and internal improvement plans allow us to achieve the high quality and technical standards necessary when supplying these challenging and demanding industries with our products and services.

Despite the volatile market situation in recent years, ACB has maintained its position as a key supplier to the high technology industries. Our positive results have made it possible to continue investing at a high level, typically over 1.5 Mio Euro per year.

Recently installed :



robot robocut

Robot Flashcutter


acb-31294 soldermask

V-cut / scoring machine with CCD camera

      ALL4-PCB spraycoater for horizontal soldermask application

nickel gold line 3 nickel gold line 1
New Nickel gold line - installed Q1/2012  
ACB nvBE-9200 Dendermondeacb@acb.beATLANTEC sasFR-44260